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About Litjens Venkel

Litjens Venkel is a reliable and innovative grower of fennel for the food industry, wholesalers and retailers. As the Dutch market’s major player, we, together with our customers, are constantly looking for new possibilities to grow and improve in cultivation and quality.

Thanks to our years of experience and expertise in the market, we can guarantee high quality, freshness and flexibility.

Who we are

Litjens Venkel is located in Leunen. In this area in the North of Limburg, the heavier sandy soils are extremely suitable for the cultivation of fennel.

During the Dutch fennel season, which runs from the end of May to November, owner Joop Litjens leads an enthusiastic team of employees in the processing of fennel into a quality product for the food industry, traders and retail.

With an area of 60 hectares and a volume of 5 million units per year, Litjens Venkel has developed into the largest grower of fennel in the Netherlands. The size of the organization and the specialism in fennel gives Litjens Venkel the opportunity to guarantee perfect quality with sufficient volume throughout the season.

From mixed farming to the focus on fennel 


Around 1970, Joop Litjens' father started his mixed agricultural company at the current location in Leunen. Joop is also active in the family business shortly afterwards. Joop combines this with work at another agricultural mixed company in the region.

In 1993, Joop decided to start growing fennel in the evenings. A healthy, unknown vegetable with a lot of growth potential in the market. Sales and growth are progressing well. In 1995, this led to the full concentration on growing fennel. At this time, the area of the company has grown to 3 hectares.

After years of growth, in 1999 the company had over 10 hectares of land. Substantial investments are being made in the machine park. Nowadays, Litjens Venkel has grown into the largest fennel grower in the Netherlands with an area of 60 hectares. Yet the family character is still palpable, just like the matching norms and values.


Covering an area of 60 hectares and with a production volume of well over 1000 tons, Litjens Venkel has evolved into the Netherlands’ leading grower of fennel. The size of the organization and the specialism in fennel allow Litjens Venkel to guarantee year-round a perfect quality and sufficient volume.


We have all the required certifications

Litjens Venkel keeps abreast of the latest developments
and trends in the food sector"


If possible, we respond to the needs of the market. Not only innovation in the product has the attention of Litjens Venkel. Constant innovation in production and processing is also a matter of course in this company.

In collaboration with renowned machine constructors, our own, fennel specific machinery has been developed. This makes it possible to apply customer-oriented specifications. In addition, the modern production and processing processes offers a wide range of options in sorting and packaging.